When purchasing an asbestos inspection company it is important that the company has the proper licensing and insurance for asbestos disposal. The asbestos inspector must be licensed by the state, although there are a few states that don’t require licensing and inspection of asbestos contractors. The professional indemnity insurance is also important as it protects the company from any legal action or damages arising out of mistakes in judgment, professional opinion or otherwise. If the company does not have the appropriate insurance or license, it may not be in your best interest to hire them to perform the service. The company should also have the adequate experience to perform the services, although most companies have the qualifications and experience necessary to complete the service.

A Guide to Asbestos Inspections

Asbestos inspection companies should be able to show enough experience, training, and certification to perform asbestos testing. The certification can be obtained by undergoing an asbestos training course and then meeting specific requirements for certification. The company should be bonded and should have adequate insurance to protect themselves in case of accidents or damages caused by asbestos fibers.

The safety of the person or persons being tested will be paramount when hiring an asbestos inspector. Asbestos testing should always be performed by qualified asbestos inspectors who are familiar with the testing process and methods used. Some asbestos testing techniques can cause serious harm to those being tested, while others are relatively harmless.

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