Understanding Pest Control

pest control

A control pest employee goes into customer homes and businesses accompanied by a professional inspector to check for pests or rodents. If a pest control inspector does find vermin, (often referred to as “bed bugs”) they will use a special chemical to rid the home of the vermin. If a pest control inspector finds rodents or pests in the home or business an exterminator will come in and do the work. Pest removal workers can also specialize in just one area of pest control or their names and positions can vary greatly…there are pest control technicians who are licensed only to remove rats and mice and there are pest exterminators who are certified pest exterminators and licensed pest inspectors. Pest controllers are typically responsible for treating the property they control with pesticides for those specific areas only.

In addition to using insecticides, traps, and other tools to kill and remove pests, pest control technicians use baits and other methods to rid a home or business of pests. The baits they use depend on the type of pest; there are traps made especially for rodents, bedbugs, fleas, roaches, ticks, and even fruit flies. The baits are designed to be self-release so that they cannot harm humans or pets that come into contact with them. The baits are often specially designed to release pesticides and other chemicals into the air in targeted areas so that the pests do not have a way to return to the affected area after releasing the poison. Baits can be made from organic materials such as paper, cork, wood shavings, animal fat, peanut butter, corn syrup, wood dust, and even leftover foods from a party!

Of course, in order to effectively remove those pesky rodents it is important to have the correct pest control equipment. The most common pest control tools include garden guns, traps, and other devices. Garden guns are designed to kill both small and large animals such as rats, mice, and raccoons. Traps are effective at killing only rodents; however, they are only effective if used properly. traps and other tools of the pest control trade are designed to be used in conjunction with one another to achieve the best results possible.


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