What Should You Expect From Your House Inspector?

A North Carolina Inspections inspection is typically a non-intrusive, limited examination of the actual condition of a residential property, most often in conjunction with the sale of such property. House inspections are generally performed by an individual home inspector who normally has the proper training and professional certifications to do such inspections. Such inspections typically involve looking for problem areas and addressing those problems before the potential sale of the house and can be very useful to buyers who have had experience with similar issues in the past. It is best for any potential buyer to get such a house inspection prior to contacting the seller, so as not to leave such a potentially valuable piece of real estate on the seller’s hands without having had the opportunity to inspect it in detail.

Detailed Reports

A large number of home inspectors have been licensed and trained in a number of years of specialized training in residential construction and design. The extensive training and education required for such an advanced and detailed inspection job requires an individual who has studied for many years and attained a number of specialized certifications and credentials. Many of these inspectors have been on the job and have been inspecting for many years in a variety of locales including new construction, pre-existing, and even some older properties.

It is vital that buyers become aware of the possibility that there could be some negative findings during a house inspection. Such negative findings may include structural damage, pest infestation, improper building design, interior plumbing or electrical issues, and numerous other issues. A negative finding does not necessarily mean that the property will need to be rebuilt. In the case of many older homes, it may simply mean that the house inspector did not find conditions to which the local building codes are designed to protect. Buyers should feel comfortable with any house inspector they meet and trust enough to allow them to make important decisions about the purchase of their future home based upon the information the inspection provides them with.

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