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At all times the lead agency, the state and county health departments, the Center for Disease Control, and the federal government must maintain adequate and appropriate reporting systems for reporting the results of their grant funding. In addition, the agencies responsible for the management and regulation of these programs must ensure that the lead agency is fully functioning and has adequate personnel and resources to conduct their regulatory duties. Any gaps or weaknesses in the overall functions and reporting mechanisms must be promptly remedied in order to prevent any potential problems. Read more

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Lead agencies must have an adequate staff of qualified professionals with the appropriate level of knowledge, skills, and experience in administering and supervising their programs. At every stage of this process, the lead agency must ensure that the staff members are thoroughly knowledgeable and trained in the application of the rules and regulations that govern their programs. At the same time, they must ensure that the staff members have sufficient knowledge and skill in the particular area of law applicable to their particular program to ensure the proper application of the rules and regulations they administer and enforce.

Lead agents must have an appropriate, comprehensive, effective, and reliable data collection and dissemination system. This system must include all necessary information such as the identity and contact details of individuals receiving grants, the type of assistance they are seeking, and the number of grants they have received.